Manitowoc commercial ice machines used in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and more 
Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and other commercial settings enjoy the benefits of a temperature-controlled ice machines to aid their business or customer service efforts. We offer a variety of America‚Äôs #1 selling brand Manitowoc commercial ice machines at wholesale prices making it easy to locate and purchase an appropriate ice machine to meet the needs of your operation. Whether you are looking for an ice maker by the type of ice it will produce, or looking to outfit your business with one of our highly-praised Indigo series ice machines, offers a commercial ice maker that will meet the ice demands of your institution. 
Ice types are typically separated into three different categories including, cube, nugget, and flake ice. Each type of ice serves certain purposes differently. Cube ice is typically found in fountain beverage dispensers and is slow melting. Nugget ice is also slow melting but easier to blend, and widely used by coffee or smoothie shops for blended drinks or beverages. Soft moldable pieces of ice, or flake ice, offers the most surface area and is useful in grocery stores to display perishable merchandise. Our selection includes Manitowoc commercial ice machines that produce one of these types of ice in a variety of sizes and styles. Depending on the daily ice needs of your operation, choose an ice machine that makes a few hundred pounds of ice to over 1,000 during a 24-hour period.  Space-saving countertop models are available, as well as full-sized floor models. 
Choosing the cooling system of your desired commercial ice machine carefully will help keep your commercial ice machine producing ice just the way you want it to. Each system functions differently and can widen the efficiency of your commercial ice machine. Air cooled machines are the most common, and function by running built-in fans inside the ice cavity to cool it.  While air cooled machines produce a lot of noise, water cooled machines are quieter and operate by moving cool water throughout the machine to chill the area needed to produce ice. You can nearly eliminate all noise by choosing a remote cooled ice machine. The loudest part of the ice machine, the condenser, is placed in another room and connected to the rest of the unit through long cords, 
Manitowoc offers Indigo series ice machines, a line of commercial ice machines that monitor itself to insure your ice machine is running continually and safely. These models include an easy-to-read display that allows the operator to program settings to optimize performance and energy use. Indigo series models will also give diagnostic feedback and alert the operator when the machine needs to be cleaned. Manitowoc also offers a downloadable iPhone or android app that can be connected to some Indigo series ice machines where several functions of the ice maker can be found right in your hand, as well as other tools and information. offers durable, reliable Manitowoc ice machines for any commercial setting. Hotels are known to offer customer-accessible ice machines as an extra service. Hospitals need a constant ice supply for a variety of tasks.  Commercial kitchens can benefit from their own ice supply for recipes or chilled drinks. Choose a simple ice machine for ice production only, or one of our multi-functional easy-to-use ice and water or beverage and ice dispenser. No matter your ice production needs, Manitowoc guarantees a long lasting, quality unit that will benefit your business for years to come.

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