Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 Reasons to choose

Years of Quality Stable Organization
Far from being a new internet start-up, has been a profitable company servicing our customers since 1984. We are a member of Food Equipment Distributors Association and NAFED National Association of Food Equipment Dealers.
Trust & Reputation is a highly rated company who cares deeply about its customer’s satisfaction and has a stellar reputation with both its accounts and suppliers. Member of
Fully Authorized
We are a fully authorized representative of all the manufacturers we carry. There are a limited number of legitimately authorized dealers. Be sure that the people you are buying from are one of them.
Free Shipping On Everything
Unlike most other site where shipping can be either free or not, shop with confidence on our website because ALL of our items are free freight.
In addition to having certified food service consultants and designers on staff, our average sales specialist has at least 10 years of industry experience. These well trained individuals are "problem solvers" not just sales people.
The Price is Right
On an apples for apples basis, our prices are in most cases the lowest in the country. We are open to matching a lower price. Remember, we only sell new quality equipment.
Customer Service
Our trained customer service agents consider your satisfaction their top priority. For instance, unlike many competitors, they will in most cases replace a freight damaged item and deal with the trucker for you.
Quality Products
Most everything we sell comes with a warranty of between 1 and 5 years. With some brands, we include exclusive extended warranties. Also look for other exclusive free extras throughout the site.
Customized Solutions
Should we not find a solution to your needs within our office database of over 300,000 products, we can custom build to suit your requirements.

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